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Pierquin,"Control of multimachine multiconverter systems. Application to electric traction systems", Ph D Dissertation, University of Lille (Text in French)July 2002 S.

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Bouscayrol,"Graphical description for modelling and control of multi-drive electromechanical systems", HDR report of 'Universiof Science and Technology of Lille, (Text in French)December 2003. Lhomme,"Energetic Macroscopic Representation of a series hybrid electric véhicle", Master Dissertation, Université Lille1 (Text in French)July 2004(common work of L2EP Lille and EPF Lausanne, Switzerland) F.

Gay,"Amélioration de l’efficacité énergétique des systèmes de micro-génération : association pile à combustible SOFC / motteur stirling", Ph Dof Université de Franche Comté, Octobre 2012FEMTO-ST) T.

Letrouve,"Structuration de la commande d’un véhicule hybride double parallèle au travers de la REM", Ph D of Université Lille1, March 2013(common work of L2EP Lille and PSA Peugeot Citroen according to MEGEVH network) S.

Lhomme,"Energy managment of Hybrid Electric Vehicles based on Energetic Macroscopic Representation", Ph D Dissertation, University of Lille (Text in French)November 2007(common work of L2EP Lille and LTE-INRETS according to MEGEVH network) I. Garcia-Herreros,"Inversion-based control of a hybrid storage system using air compressed accumulator", Master Dissertation, University of Lille (Text in French)June 2008(common work of L2EP Lille and EPF Lausanne, Switzerland) D.

Chrenko,"Energetic Macroscopic Representation Modeling and Control of a Low Temperature Fuel Cell System Fed by Hydrocarbons", Ph D Dissertation, University of Franche Comté (Text in English)June 2008(work of FEMTO-ST with MEGEVH network, France) T.


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