Formal Writing Essay

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“the lamp was broken,” instead of “I broke the lamp”).

You are trying to showcase your achievements in your college essays, so make sure to take responsibility for them by using the active voice!

The “body” of a formal essay is the discussion that comes in between the introduction and the conclusion.

It consists of several paragraphs that work to support or explain the main idea by elaborating on the discussion points mentioned in the thesis. If we use the same example presented above, the sub-topics would be the various flavors, texture, and relaxing qualities of coffee.

However, the goal of the conclusion is to invite your readers to continue exploring the topic of your paper.

So you might begin your conclusion by restating your thesis.In other words, (noun performing an action) (action/verb) (object receiving the action).The passive voice is used when the subject is the thing receiving the action and the thing doing the action appears as an indirect object near the end of the sentence.Either way, the goal of the introduction is to gain your readers’ interest by giving them a context for your essay.Much like the introduction, the conclusion of your formal essay should include a restatement of your thesis.The key ingredient to a formal essay is the thesis.A thesis is a statement that expresses the main idea of your paper.A formal essay should begin with an introductory paragraph.This paragraph should provide readers with some background information about the thesis of your paper.Then, you can develop it by considering some future implications of your essay and how it might impact the reader.For instance, the conclusion of the coffee paper might be focused on encouraging readers to try different coffees for themselves or continue studying the subject of coffee.


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