First Grade Spelling Homework

First Grade Spelling Homework-64
With this method, children receive a list of words at the beginning of the week and practice writing them three to five times.The children are tested on the words at the end of the week, and teacher involvement is minimal.

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In order for first grade students to become fluent readers, they must be able to efficiently decode words.

Activities such as mazes, crossword puzzles, word ladders, and more will keep kids engaged in practicing their spelling skills.

The inclusion of holiday themes allows for spelling practice to be incorporated throughout the year.

In no time at all, your first grader will be ready to be crowned the next spelling bee champion.

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Every 6-8 weeks, I plan a week of just review words, including the words that may still trip them up a bit based on my observations. But, you WILL see my kids being held accountable for their learning of word spellings by their patterns and frequency.

Please be sure to check for Units 2-6 as they become available throughout the year.

Most children, even those who earn that A on Friday’s test, will turn right around and misspell the same word in their writing time on Monday. Just because a child can memorize words for a test does not mean he understands the logic or reasoning behind the spelling of words . Once I have studied certain sight words, I jot them down in their portable word bank.

Often times, spelling lists are a mixture of completely unrelated words “Spelling lists don’t provide students with an understanding of why words are spelled certain ways, which would help students figure out how to spell the new words they encounter. This portable word wall can go with them when they are writing. My Kindergartner has not been taught how to use this, yet , but my 3rd grader is asked to edit his own work if he chooses to take it past the rough draft stage. I watch my kids as they write to see what words or word patterns they still don’t have under their belt.


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