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Now, this is where most students worry about redundancy.Instead of rewriting the points exactly as you have before, you want to shorten them up by taking the main ideas of the whole paper and turning them into concise sentences that get straight to the point.

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Of course, if the length of your introduction paragraph is off, then your conclusion will be too.

Another good way to gauge how long your conclusion should be is by counting how many supporting ideas you have in your paragraph.

If you have 5-6 supporting ideas, then try to synthesize that down into 2-3 sentences.

Then add another 3-4 sentences to account for recasting your thesis, connecting your sentences together, and making your final connection to the outer world for a total of 5-7 sentences in your paragraph.

Those figures are just a guideline, however, and keep in mind that you need to vary sentence structure and length in order for it to work as intended.

You could easily write 5 sentences that are extremely long and you likely still have a conclusion that’s too long despite limiting your sentence number.why should people read my paper or care that I’ve written it? In your conclusion, you want to synthesize the information in your paper, not simply summarize it.Your readers already looked through your piece of writing and know what it says.Then, work on broadening your conclusion to the outer world.Your conclusion should also make an attempt to address the significance of your topic.A conclusion is your last chance to impress your ideas upon the reader.Thus, you do not want to introduce any new ideas, but rather recap everything throughout the rest of your piece of writing.Concluding a research paper seems to be a less tiresome job than actually creating a research paper.Students assume that it may not consume their enough time and efforts if they are assigned to create a summary of an already existing research paper. It is unmistakably true that the process of research paper writing is a lot rigorous type of work to do.Many students dread writing the conclusion paragraphs for their research papers.You’ve already said everything you have to say, what could be left?


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