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I am not the person who is going to tell you to sit down for the next 3-12 months to fill out pages and pages of an event planning business plan.

I am not the person who is going to tell you to sit down for the next 3-12 months to fill out pages and pages of an event planning business plan.

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Taking action on that plan is crucial to getting started and being successful.

And, it’s possible to do it in a way that works for you.

This post has step-by-step instructions that will have you up and running in no time — and it’s very affordable! Choose two to three methods that you think you’ll enjoy doing and spend time each day working on those methods.

If you find yourself dreading a certain method, or that it’s not effective, drop it and try something else. Here are some ways you can market your business: Now that you’ve got your website in place and you’re actively marketing your business, it’s time to connect with potential clients. As your cash flow builds, you’ll want to reinvest some of it into professional development.

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A couple of years before I had my daughter, I entertained the thought of becoming an event planner.

I was ready to do something other than nursing, and event planning seemed like the perfect career since I loved planning parties.

” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, event planners earn an average of ,840 per year; but again this is an employee, not a business owner.

According to industry expert, Patty Sachs, social planners make anywhere from to per hour, plus vendor commissions.


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