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But we haven’t captured the terrorist, we’ve grabbed a priest just after the terrorist went to confession.(If you’re having trouble imagining a terrorist who isn’t a Muslim, pretend you’re British.) The priest isn’t talking, sighting the confidentiality of the confessional. Remember, the purpose of our torture is to extract information, not revenge.Are we, the moviegoers, appalled at the obviously unethical and illegal behavior of the cop? The director of the movie has shared with us “God’s view” of the events.

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Many radical intellectuals used this type of argument 70 years ago to defend Stalin’s brutality.Support for torture always requires a revenge motive to be palatable.But his denial of the revenge motive is not the biggest fallacy in Krauthammer’s reasoning.It’s the greater good of staving off the attack that matters. Why shouldn’t torture be standard procedure in all kidnapping cases?The fact is, we are much more approving of torture if it is a terrorist on the receiving end of our maltreatment.But outside of the movies and the “Ethics 101” scenarios, only God has God’s view.In real life, we make up for the inherent uncertainty of our view of the world through processes that assume innocence, establish impartial judges, define standards of evidence, and demand the lack of reasonable doubt for conviction.It was bad philosophy then, it’s bad philosophy now.But let’s take this line of thought down from the abstract to specifics. Question: If you have the slightest belief that hanging this man by his thumbs will get you the information to save a million people, are you permitted to do it?Politicians would make torture decisions (since presumably they have no honor to sully).


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