Essays On Socialized Medicine

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Private enterprise or capitalism does a wonderful job running most businesses. Therefore we may confidently assume that private businesses, competing against each other, can also be counted upon to run the medical system more efficiently and much better than government. Well, to name a positive thing, we know that private, especially American, medical and pharmaceutical companies have come up with amazing technology, machinery and drugs. is it true that private health care forces should be allowed to run the medical system?

True, occasional new businesses are poorly managed. We know that many, many people have been cured or had their conditions better diagnosed or alleviated by these techniques, machines and drugs. Why -- despite all the above -- do I find myself doubting this?

Health care costs in the United States have greatly increased in recent years. In Canada, on the other hand, as in most of the most advanced countries, there is a single-payer health care scheme run by an agreement between the federal and provincial governments.

Therefore a number of cost-containment measures have been taken, including the gathering together of doctors and other health care providers and hospitals in HMOs, Health Maintenance Organizations. Doctors, hospitals and other health care providers submit their bills to the local provincial government's health department.

The provincial government pays what it thinks is appropriate.

Essays On Socialized Medicine

Health care providers are seldom if ever allowed to bill the public directly for health services.

Private firms run many nursing and retirement homes.

Still, while I concede all this, like many people I'm not sure that private forces should be running health care. In 1998 an important book was published comparing the Canadian and the American health systems.

Americans can count on 60 years of life without disabilities; Canadians can count on 66 years. .) And yet the American people are paying a higher percentage of their income to the specialist doctors to live less long or healthily than Canadians! But let us go back and take another look at the American "capitalist" model of healthcare.

(It is fascinating how perverse and unexpected these results are . So clearly American capitalist health care, the American medical system, appears to have some bizarre and unexpected shortcomings. No one can dispute that the American system generates wonderful medical machinery, procedures, and drugs.


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