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In addition, Shakespeare effectively demonstrates how each other's love of Romeo and Juliet restrains important emotional scenes, including conflicts between the two families in the drama.In the entire Romeo and Juliet drama there are two very strong emotions that threaten their relationship. The love of Romeo and Juliet is threatened by families with hatred (Caplet and Montague).

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This is shown when Nurse tells Lord Capulet 'you are to blame, my lord, to rate her so'.The Themes of Love and Hate in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet During Romeo and Juliet love is juxtaposed constantly with hate.This is shown through language and actions of the characters, and also by the layout and setting of the play itself.This draws the audience in and reminds them of their own first true love, both the feelings that were evoked and the risks that were taken.Ultimately this involves the audience and allows them to sympathise with Romeo and Juliet.These two emotions are intertwined throughout the game.In the second act of the second act, Juliet commented and expressed on love and hatred.The topics I will cover in this article are love and hatred.One of the most important ways Shakespeare shows love in this scene is the sonnet Romeo and Juliet calls. The theme of William · Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet "Love and hate" is a script for two young lovers."If they meet you, they will kill you." In this sentence, the affection between Romeo and Juliet is that she is concerned about the safety of her relatives.Relatives are relatives of Romeo because they are ready to kill him.


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