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We felt exalted; it was a very happy time for us.” Harrison went on to help popularize the movement, not only by producing his own Hare Krishna album, but also, most famously, through his worldwide hit “My Sweet Lord,” in which he sang about his quest for a personal relationship with God while his background singers chanted the Hare Krishna mantra, gospel-style. During Prabhupada’s residency they recorded a private conversation between the four of them.Harrison got John Lennon and Yoko Ono interested and, in September 1969, Lennon invited the then 74-year-old Prabhupadato to stay with him at his estate in the U. As they talk about their mutual proclivity to bring peace to the world, Prabhupada can be heard answering questions about his philosophy to an eager Lennon and Harrison, while repeatedly cutting off a more skeptical Yoko Ono.As soon as we stopped, it was like the lights went out.

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Referring to a replica sign on the storefront that reads “Matchless Gifts,” Yadunath said, “That was one of those moments where you see the hand of God.” When Prabhupada’s early followers found the empty space, it still carried the sign of its former occupant, a small curiosa shop.

The devotees decided to keep the sign, “because what Prabhupada was giving them was a real matchless gift, the gift of knowledge of God.” shows, Prabhupada offered this gift during a time when many were seeking.

“LSD opened up levels of consciousness to the hippies that they did not know were available,” Yadunath said, “And it opened up a lot of questions, but it didn’t provide them with the answers.” Prabhupada, however, did.

He claimed the world needed “a revolution of consciousness,” rather than a political or social one.

He registered the organization under that name, and it grew to be synonymous for the worldwide movement.

, invited Srila Prabhupada and 15 of his followers to record a session in his Midtown studio.As Arjuna says, it is not worth it to hurt the people we love over materialistic things.If you’ve ever been to Union Square, you’ve seen them: They chant, drum; sometimes they even give you a free copy of their scripture.Some of the seeking youngsters were captivated by this message and by Prabhupada’s solemn yet often joyous presence, and also prominent (counter-)cultural figures started exploring the opportunity of a more permanent state of bliss through the Hare Krishna process.In 1963, Allen Ginsberg had returned from a spiritual quest in India, and remained looking East for answers.Like any other religion, Hinduism has sacred religious texts, one of them happens to be called the Bhagavad Gita or as it translates to English “The Song of God”.The Bhagavad Gita provides its readers with principles to follow and explanations of what the standards for good Hindus are.Ginsberg lent them his harmonium — an instrument still widely used for Hare Krishna chanting — and praised the completed record in the , saying that it brought “a state of ecstasy.” With that same shrill harmonium, Ginsberg further exposed the public to the Krishna movement in September of 1968, by singing the 16-word mantra to a visibly uncomfortable William F.Buckley, the famous conservative journalist who hosted a talk show called album had sold out, and somehow one of the copies found its way to the other side of the Atlantic, where it enchanted Beatles guitarist George Harrison.Seeing what a mistake he had made by instigating two sides two fight, every outcome that could possibly happen after his family members died came to mind.Sometimes we realize our mistakes and wrongdoings too late, when none of our action can be undone, and we would want to go back in time to fix it but it is impossible to do so.


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