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As a college student a few years later, I would take advantage of a Halloween choir trip to force a bunch of friends to watch my DVD of is about three monsters, two of which are human. Frankenstein, is so lost in his ego and desire to create he can’t be stopped.

He’s both an admirable and monstrous figure, played with a devilish charm by Oscar Isaac.

It’s told with the crafty, hand-made stop-motion visuals and a deep affection for classic monsters.

My own personal affection for Burton’s creation comes not only from the nostalgic playtime, but from the clear amore that Burton himself has for the project.

Throughout the first five chapters of Frankenstein, the visual imagery changes.

As the story progresses, the visual imagery becomes darker.It embraces its B-movie sensibilities with special effects gleefully uninterested in looking realistic, but their lack of authenticity charms instead of disappoints.Seriously, the scene with a roomful of hookers exploding in unison is memorable in part because instead of a bloodbath the ladies of the night explode in a display of supercrack-fueled sparks.hitting theaters this holiday weekend (It is, seriously, did you forget?), we’ve been thinking about the numerous ways in which Mary Shelley’s classic monster tale have been adapted, re-interpreted and disseminated in popular culture.In Frankenweenie, we’re seeing not only Burton’s love for these monster stories, but the raw, non-commercialized creative id that has made Burton such a beloved filmmaker over the years.This was Burton’s pure, gothic sensibility played out with all the right notes.Once Victor begins trying to create the monster, the imagery begins to become darker.While he is creating the monster, Victor becomes ill, he eats and sleeps very little, and he becomes so engrossed in his work that he doesn’t even notice what is happening in the world around him.The script keeps the gags coming, and while James Lorinz isn’t much of an actor he’s something of a dryly comic savant.The film is ridiculous fun that uses Shelley’s template to tell its own goofy story, and the only thing it’s missing is a sequel.


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