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Sustainability is a multifactorial way of solving major problems and its constituents do not work in isolation.

For example, sustainable economics integrate social, financial and cultural aspects.

Food production soared because of new technologies, enactment of better policies, mechanization, which favoured better returns.

Although the aforementioned transitions had immense positive attributes in agriculture, there are prominent costs.

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” That’s where My Essay can be your perfect choice.Sustainability in agriculture is gaining increased support in the mainstream agricultural practices.Not only does sustainable agriculture address challenge in environmental and social aspects but also provides an opportunity for policy makers, farmers, and consumers to come up with innovative ideas.This paper is an in-depth discussion on the term sustainability with a huge concentration on sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation.Sustainability in Agriculture Agriculture has experienced gradual changes since the early days of Green Revolution.These include soil erosion, disintegration of both social and economic conditions in the rural areas and environmental pollution.In the past two decades, a growing concern has emerged with keen interest of solving some of these problems (Gabriel et al, 2013).Three pillars constitute sustainability and include environmental, economic, and social fabrics.An interface between economics, social, and environmental repercussion of a certain human activity constitute sustainability (Edwards & Laurence, 2012).For instance, the world has convened many forums to look into the issue of environmental degradation with the famous one being the Kyoto Protocol.Much remains to be achieved in terms of environmental sustainability in light of increased greenhouse emissions, climate change, increased human population and its devastating impacts on environmental degradation.


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