Essay Writing Workshop Activities

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Essay writing is usually not on the top of anyone's list of favorite things to do.

It can be difficult to put thoughts on paper, prove a point, or create a coherent flow of ideas.

(See student models.) Your students need to write about topics that interest them.

When students have strong feelings about their topics, they stay with their writing longer and do their best work.

Your students need the feedback of their peers to develop strong writing and feel part of the writing community. (See the peer response minilesson.) Hold brief (2- to 3-minute) conferences with students as needed during independent writing time.

During these conferences, don’t act as a fixer but rather as someone who listens and suggests and offers next steps.Have students practice their writing skills by incorporating mini creative writing lessons into your daily routine.Allowing students to write from a variety of angles will help them feel more comfortable using the English language in written form.Help your students work side by side, learning from each other in much the same way that artists do in studios or cooks do in the kitchen.Provide spaces for individual work and spaces for small-group work.Complete the form below to request one of the workshops on our in-class writing workshops list.You also have the option of scheduling a brief in-class Writing Studio introduction via a separate request form.Would you like to make your classroom a stimulating community of writers and learners? This instructional approach truly engages students by letting them write, read, interact, mentor, and take risks—all at their own pace.Follow these simple steps to create a writing workshop in your classroom. Teach by example, showing not only how you write, but also how to collaborate, respond to other writers, and make improvements based on responses.You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.


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