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At school, university, and back at school again, showing my students how to do it.In my fourteen years teaching I must have modelled hundreds of essays.I have likely set and assessed thousands of the blighters.

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(1) In order to achieve the full eight marks, you must meet the criteria above. Write down as much as you can that springs to mind.

If you can make a decent introduction, you've already got a mark.

Introduction A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Essays in Standard Grade History* A Brief Guide The Essays: Information The essays at Standard Grade are worth eight marks.

You may hear them being referred to as "8 Markers" or "8 Mark essays".

I went onto write the following about the complexity of essay writing: “They had to play the ‘big game’ of remembering quotes, writing insights about character, theme, social context, all in a coherent argument structure, with written accuracy, without the practice and focus on knowledge to do all of these things fluently.” In truth, writing a good essay takes a host of knowledge and expertise.

For English Literature then, we need to distill down that complexity into more manageable diagnostic assessments, so that our students can gradually develop from their novice status towards something like expertise.

In my recent thinking on assessment – see my blog on ‘The Problem with Past Papers‘ for more – I have looked to go further and to seek out deploying more effective diagnostic assessments to help my students develop their essay writing skill.

I gave the example in my last blog of setting ‘ I described how my students had so many errors and gaps in their knowledge with their last essay, that it made my feedback scattergun and not as effective as it could be.

Students are often left baffled by how fast I can make decisions about my essay, how I can pluck sophisticated academic words seemingly from the ether, and then write with speed as well.

With sore hands and muffled complaints, students have been pulled along on the path from novice to expert.


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