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Finally, I’ll leave you a bonus of a couple of rubrics for really challenging class activities and tasks.

An analytic rubric looks at the details of the task being assessed. In the case of writing, for example, you might look at specifics such as grammar, vocabulary use, sentence structure, composition, main ideas and cohesion.

Instead of simply identifying right or wrong, you’re looking at a specific aspect and judging if it’s “excellent,” “good” or “needs work.” If we combine the example rows for an essay rubric in the previous section with these, we’ll get something like this: We’ll look a bit more closely at these row and column titles in a moment. This is where you’ll explain what you mean when you think the student’s grammar is “excellent” or when their composition is simply “good” with specific expectation statements. An expectation is the performance you want from your student when they’re performing the task you’ve assigned to them.

You’re not looking for errors they make but rather concentrating on how well they’re doing.

You’ll be assessing overall accomplishment rather than the details that make up the accomplishment.

Say you have an essay that uses persuasive language well, despite some grammar or vocabulary issues.Before you even begin brainstorming content, you’ll want to lay out a chart.Flip a Word document into landscape mode and lay out a basic chart with four or five columns and the same number of rows.Essay writing, general participation, just about every aspect of your class can be assessed with rubrics.In this post we’ll look at basic types of rubrics, how they’re structured, how to write expectations and assign assessment values.While being creative is fashionable in modern foreign language teaching, creating a rubric will actually begin with a pretty standard format.This format simplifies the seemingly complex task of assessing a task.You may consider such an essay better, in certain circumstances, than an essay that’s grammatically correct but doesn’t persuade or has little content value.Watching a role-play that entertains, that’s generally understood by all and demonstrates the hard work put in by the participants can often lead you to overlook sentence fragments, poorly-conjugated verbs or pronunciation issues, depending on what you’re assessing.When creating your expectations, use as few words as possible. Instead of: The student will be able to use vocabulary learned in previous classes, conjugating verbs correctly according to person and time, adding appropriate suffixes and prefixes and respecting correct word order, while using the most recent vocabulary learned in class in the correct fashion….You’re looking for expectations that focus your attention.


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