Essay Outline For The Declaration Of Independence

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Assagioli Psychosynthesis Book - Essay Outline For The Declaration Of Independence

Government cannot claim any jurisdiction over such rights, because inalienable rights, by their very nature, could never have been transferred to government in the first place.

After all, no legitimate complaint can be made about the violation of a right if a government has gained proper jurisdiction over that right in the social contract.

Government, for instance, cannot function without money, so the transfer of a minimal amount of property to government, collected in the form of taxes, was commonly seen as the prime example of a right that has been alienated in a social contract.

But before I delve into this philosophy I want to comment on a point of historical trivia. “Unalienable” first appears in John Dunlap’s initial printing of the Declaration (July 5), which was inserted in the rough Journal of Congress.

The Declaration we know today refers to “unalienable” rights, but Jefferson used the word “inalienable.” Jefferson did not make this change, nor does the change appear to have been made by Congress while it was considering the draft submitted by the Committee of Five. It also appears in the corrected Journal and in the engrossed parchment version, which was signed by delegates on August 2.


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