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Although it is often said that the war began when France and Britain declared war on Germany as a result of its invasion of Poland, the causes that led to the war are more intricate.

There were a variety of factors leading up to the Second World War which can be divided into short-term causes and long-term causes.

In Italy, Benito Mussolini had been dictator since the 1920s. Though fascism differed from Nazism and was seen as less harsh, the two ideologies still had much in common as they were both heavily fueled by nationalism.

In 1936, Mussolini showed his allegiance by signing a treaty with Hitler. From 1929 to 1939, the world was experiencing a devastating economic downturn, known as the Great Depression.

During this time, Adolf Hitler saw an opportunity to entice the German people with his promises of easy solutions to the problems facing the Weimer Republic (the name of Germany at the time).

During this time, the political climate was ripe for radical affiliations and parties.

Since France wanted revenge on Germany, the Treaty of Versailles was made in favor of Georges Clemenceau and was not based on Woodrow's 14-point plan which was deemed to bring peace to the region of Europe.

The treaty of Versailles called for Germany to give back the French territories that they had claimed during the Franco-Prussian War.


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