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2006 ) The Sunday Times (Life Style), 31 December, L28 What is the most laborious dish to prepare in Peranakan cuisine?

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Others splash paint on doors in the dead of the night., 5 October, L38 Machine-made ah-balling, or glutinous rice balls, are now readily available in supermarkets. All five types of fillings – red bean, green bean, yam, peanut and sesame – are made by hand. the fact that the bag appears tall enough to contain a person, like the oil-jars that the thieves hid in to attack Ali Baba, a fictional character in the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves f. To the young recruit who is already carrying a civilian bag packed with his belongings and spare civilian clothing, the Ali Baba bag is a man-size load. , 3 May, 2 It appears that the cause of the rash act [attempted suicide] was a domestic quarrel between the wretched man and his wife, arising, it is said, from the refusal of the latter to accept an appome, or native cake, which the husband had brought home. the practice of drawing or stamping an arrow on a document against a name to direct the document to that person for his or her attention] freq. Example: My colleague fell ill, so I kena arrow by my boss to write this boring proposal for the client. “I can’t meet you for lunch tomorrow,” said a new colleague.

In the old days, loansharks and borrowers met in coffeeshops, often in Geylang – to discuss the terms of a loan, hand out money, and collect repayments. Now, they deliver “hell notes” to the debtor and his neighbours through their post boxes. Famous for its curry fish head, this popular restaurant has created a new variant, tandoori fish head.. Angkoli fish heads are marinated in a secret sauce before being roasted in a tandoor oven. The fresh ang ko li (red snapper) is cooked just right – tender enough for the flesh to just come off the fork. If you are the person being given such a task, the correct response is ‘I kena arrow’.

2006 The Sunday Times (from Straits Times Interactive), 7 August. Half of them in my head, from me complaining about me to me. Then they turn into a droning noise like an air-con that’s been running too long. My advice is: Go bargain with public servants if you want. For $32 you get a whole grilled tilapia served on a banana leaf with wing beans or lady’s fingers.

The texture of the rice ball is so smooth that your lips could clamp down on one and it wouldn’t stick to you. Singaporeans are debating Administrative Service and ministerial pay. 2006 Weekend Today, 15–16 November, 37 The new dish of assam fish was in a league of its own.

] spans all the major races in Singapore (well, all right, I have yet to see an ang moh doing so), transcending sex, educational level and age.), 3 April. [L]oansharks have been increasingly switching to high technology to cover their tracks. Surprise “gifts” of pig heads are a thing of the past. Thus, Ang Mo Kio probably referred to a nearly iron – hence, modern – bridge built to replace an old wooden one./ n. ] The goldband snapper (Pristipomoides multidens and Pristipomoides typus), a type of edible fish, often used to make the Indian dish fish head curry. 2006 (Life Style) (from Straits Times Interactive), 15 October. Ramu let on that this was because he uses Thai fish sauce and over 15 types of spices which he specially blends. ), 19 May, 23 I am hooked after my friend takes me there one afternoon to try the fish head curry ($22). Then got one of their occifer saw me making Maggi mee in the barracks, and arrow me to come and make for them. Civilian use: To delegate an unpleasant job to somebody.

Today, 9 December, 47 It could be the ah pek, ah soh, ah chek, or even the pakcik or makcik – this syndrome seat-patting [sic: seat-patting syndrome? He has no desire to be a woman, he says, and he does not get a thrill from wearing women’s clothes. He ran an illegal moneylending business for 30 years, making up to ,000 a day when times were good in the early 1990s. Sighing in resignation, he summed up the bad times loan sharks were facing these days in Hokkien: ‘ .. And runners no longer wait outside homes to confront debtors. An idiomatic word giving a suggestion of indefiniteness or interrogation – even contemptuous interrogation – to the sentence in which it occurs. In those days, anything “modern” was considered ang moh, such as a brick-and-tile house, as opposed to an attap-and-wood dwelling. The common and scientific names of the fish were obtained from “Goldband snapper”, au (23 April 2008; accessed on 15 March 2009). – which looked and tasted devilishly fiery – was more flavourful than the usual Indian fish curry. The chao ang mor all arrow me to come because they were damn sian of their hard tack and hojjiber MRE [Meal, Ready-to-Eat]. Army use: In army administrative practice, a tiny arrow is stamped next to the name of the person in charge in official documents.

If you are a foreigner who objects to being called “auntie” and “uncle”, I say this is part of our culture, so accept it.

dish consisting of chicken stewed with buah keluak, a type of black-coloured nut. The preparation of this dish of chicken and black nuts is time-consuming and every cook has his or her own special method. The black paste within the nut is eaten with white rice and tastes like a savoury version of dark chocolate.

The principal place of production is Pulo Pangkor Laut (Dindings) opposite Perak. But in recent years, newfangled versions have included durian, mango, coconut, yam, coffee and corn.

2004 ) The Sunday Times (Life Style), 7 December, 28 “My mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law used to tell me their recipes needed ‘a little of this and a little of that’, so I’m used to agak-agak.” Agak-agak is Malay for guesstimate. Of late years it has been largely adopted in the European cuisine as a substitute for isinglass with which to make blanc-manges, jellies, &c., though wanting somewhat in delicacy of taste. Traditionally, their fillings are limited to peanut, green bean and salty green bean.


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