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Students lead busy lives and often forget about an upcoming deadline.Then, suddenly, a thought comes into their mind, one that you might have had yourself and more than once, “I need to get my homework done, but I have no time for it!Since 2012, GFDRR has supported risk identification and fiscal analysis.

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Flood / Weather Advisory Summary of losses/Damage Due to Rain/Flood Monsoon Rains/wind-thunderstorm Monsoon Rains/wind-thunderstorm Flood / Weather Advisory Weather / Flood Alert More Monsoon Rains Thundershowers Predicted in Northern Half of the Country from Friday to Thursday Rain/Dust – Thundershower Predicted in Upper and Central Parts of the Country During Next Couple of Days Tropical Cyclone”VAYU” in the Arabian Sea-Alert Heatwave – Alert No 2 Press Release - More Dust-Thunderstorm Rain Predicted In the Country during Current Week Heat Wave Alerts Dust-Thunderstorm/Rain Predicted in Upper & Central Parts of the Country from Tuesday to Thursday Preliminary State Of Losses/Damages Due To Current Rain Spell (April 2019) – Dated 18 April 2019 Preliminary State Of Losses/Damages Due To Current Rain Spell (April 2019) – Dated 16 April 2019 Dust-Thunderstorm /Rain Predicted In the Country from Saturday to Wednesday Rain & Thunderstorm Situation Report - Dated 8 March 2019 Current Rains / Snowfall Spell 1-7 March 2019 Situation Report-Unprovoked Firing a Long Line Of Control (LOC).

Natural Hazard Risk Pakistan is exposed to a variety of natural hazards.

Key areas include damage and loss assessments, hazard and risk assessments, sustainable reconstruction, and disaster risk financing.

Following the 2005 earthquake, GFDRR supported the government’s institutional and technical capacity to build a national safety net.

In 2011, severe flooding affected 9.6 million people, many of whom were still recovering from the previous year.

The impacts of climate change are projected to increase the frequency and severity of these events.

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In 2010, unprecedented flooding affected the entire length of the country, devastating 78 districts and affecting over 20 million people.

A GFDRR-supported damage and needs assessment estimated billion for recovery and reconstruction.


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