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Money also satisfies the first level needs of Maslow’s model of satisfaction.

Secondly, employees often see money as a reflection of the management’s concern for them.

The employees, generally, want a pay system which is simple, fair and in line with their expectations. Promotion Chances: Promotional chances considerably affect the job satisfaction because of the following reasons: Firstly, Promotion indicates an employee’s worth to the organisation which is highly morale boosting.

This is particularly true in case of high level jobs.

There are three important dimensions to job satisfaction: (i) Job satisfaction cannot be seen, it can only be inferred. (ii) Job satisfaction is often determined by how well outcome meet the expectations or exceed the expectations.

If the employees working in the organisation feel that they are working much harder than others in the department but the receiving lower rewards, they will be dissatisfied and have a negative attitude towards the job, the boss and the co-workers.Job satisfaction is a specific subset of attitudes.Attitudes reflect one’s feeling toward individual’s organisations and objects.Secondly, Employee takes promotion as the ultimate achievement in his career and when it is realised, he feels extremely satisfied. higher salary, less supervision, more freedom, more challenging work assignments, increased responsibilities, status and like. Company Policies: Organisational structure and policies also play an important role in affecting the job satisfaction of employees.An autocratic and highly authoritative structure causes resentment among the employees as compared to a structure which is more open and democratic in nature. Job satisfaction is very important because most of the people spend a major portion of their life at their working place. It had often been said that “A HAPPY EMPLOYEE IS A PRODUCTIVE EMPLOYEE.” A happy employee is, generally, that employee who is satisfied with his job.Thus, managers need to pay attention to job satisfaction constantly.There are a number of factors that influence job satisfaction.Attitudes are long lasting, but satisfaction is dynamic and it keeps on changing.It can decline even more quickly than it developed.


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