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Where is an appropriate allegory: a leader: "Do as I do," the head: "Do as I say."course, the leader and the head of the organization may be one and the same person.Management position formally creates the necessary preconditions for the manager to lead the team, but as such it automatically does.

Where is an appropriate allegory: a leader: "Do as I do," the head: "Do as I say."course, the leader and the head of the organization may be one and the same person.Management position formally creates the necessary preconditions for the manager to lead the team, but as such it automatically does.

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I am a leader Anna Romozian Essay When I think about leadership in general, many thoughts visit my head. Nevertheless, it is still kind of blurry in my head and in my essay I will try to put my thoughts together and see how it can apply to me if I think about myself as a leader.

In our life, during the process of socialization, and entering into a mature life, we are often faced with the concepts of leader, chief, boss.

To take the risk and take responsibility for it is a distinctive feature of the modern leader.

Head cannot and does not require the delegation of authority, jealous of any new ideas, not going away.safely and skillfully conveys the fear of authority, and he is able to send and receive their results.The boss is at the heart of the position shift, and not constant, and the leader of the team is selected.The leader is chosen with the support of a large number of people as opposed to the boss.There are qualities that support the main characteristics of the right boss, which retains a has a formal leader, who controls all important processes. The head bears the legal responsibility for the group's activities and defines a system of punishment and encourage subordinates.If you think of the organization as a single living organism, where each employee is a vital organ, the leader, of course, it is a brain and a heart there. In contrast to the leader, the head formally regulates the rights and duties, as well as a group in other, a leader can be member of the group, for which it recognizes the right to make responsible decisions in important situations.The leader, in fact, is also a boss/chief, but the nature of his actions is other than an ordinary manager.He does not command, he leads the others, and they act in relation to him, they become his followers.It transmits information to all structural systems (which are the divisions) at the meetings, binds them together, thinking through the chain of command, as well as coordinate the work of each department. In contrast to the head, which sometimes deliberately elect and often prescribed, the leader extends spontaneously.But often, within the organization there is the informal leader, which has no less an impact on the team than the head. He may not have any, (as recognized by the group), authority and it has no formal responsibilities.'s the difference, you ask?boss puts the order in the interaction with subordinates in the first place.The emotional component of the relationship is practically impossible. What is a leader) Leaders also often build their relationships with the people on trust, motivating and inspiring showing their personal example.


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