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As any opinion as to the possible break-up of the UK is merely hypothetical and subject to opinion it is important to look at devolution and other forms of similar government around the world and look at their effects on the state in question. Middle The drive from Orkney Island in the north of Scotland is over 700 miles from Westminster, even with the advances in modern communication technology and travel, it is insane to presume that a Parliament of representatives in Westminster, looking out for the good of the UK as a whole would have the very specific interests of the inhabitants of the Orkney islands in mind.By allowing Scotland it's independence it could delegate regional governments more power to help regulate specific matters that concern constituents while at the same time reducing the burden on Westminster over small 'trivial' matters, best left to regional government.

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It embodies a tradition stretching back to England’s brief but inspiring republican experiment during the civil wars of the 17th century, and before that to Renaissance Italy and Republican Rome.

Central to it is the notion of “neo-Roman liberty”: of liberty as freedom from domination, from dependence on another’s will.

In my opinion devolution offers itself as an alternative and a compromise to the break-up of the UK, not a stepping-stone towards that complete independence of all involved states.

Devolution offers a way to for states to hold on to individual cultures and nationalist traits while still leaving major issues such as security and foreign policy with an overruling power and is the UK's best and only chance of remaining a 'United' Kingdom.

It was not laid to rest until the Belfast Agreement of 1998.

More recently, politicians and commentators on both sides of the border have had to come to terms with an increasingly intractable Scottish Question: how should the ancient and once independent Scottish nation relate to the other nations of the United Kingdom and to the Westminster parliament?

"Devolution means the delegation of some legislative and/or executive functions of central powers to local bodies, while the national powers remains responsible for major national issues such as defense, foreign affairs and macro-economics."1.

Since the 90's we have seen devolution in the UK in the form of the Welsh Assembly and Northern Irish Assembly's and the Scottish Parliament with varying degrees of success but while devolution has helped to slow down the growing elements of nationalism and desire for independence in the devolved states it has not solved the problem altogether.

His son (who became Henry VIII) was not content with keeping England united.

Having broken with the Catholic Church when the Pope refused to annul his first marriage, he made himself head of the Church in England and proclaimed that the realm of England was an “empire”, free from all external authority.


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