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The fetal lungs are collapsed, and blood passes from the right atrium directly into the left atrium through the foramen ovale: an open conduit between the paired atria, or through the ductus arteriosus: a shunt between the pulmonary artery and the aorta.When the lungs expand at birth, the pulmonary pressure drops and blood is drawn from the right atrium into the right ventricle and through the pulmonary circuit.

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The term pulmonary circulation is readily paired and contrasted with the systemic circulation.

The vessels of the pulmonary circulation are the pulmonary arteries and the pulmonary veins.

The discovery of pulmonary circulation has been attributed to several scientists over the years.

In much of modern medical literature, the discovery is credited to English physician William Harvey (1578 - 1657 CE).

At this time, Egyptians believed that the heart was the origin of many channels that connected different parts of the body and transported air as well as urine, blood, and the soul.

Essay On Circulation

The Edwin Smith Papyrus (1700 BCE), named for American Egyptologist Edwin Smith (1822 - 1906 CE) who purchased the scroll in 1862, provided evidence that Egyptians believed that the heartbeat created a pulse that transported the above substances throughout the body. 1550 BCE), also emphasized the importance of the heart and its connection to vessels throughout the body and described methods to detect cardiac disease through pulse abnormalities.

A separate system known as the bronchial circulation supplies oxygenated blood to the tissue of the larger airways of the lung.

The earliest human discussions of pulmonary circulation date back to Egyptian times.

The anterior thoracic wall, the airways and the pulmonary vessels anterior to the root of the lung have been digitally removed in order to visualize the different levels of the pulmonary circulation.

Image showing main pulmonary artery coursing ventrally to the aortic root and trachea, and the right pulmonary artery passes dorsally to the ascending aorta, while the left pulmonary artery passes ventrally to the descending aorta.


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