Essay On Advertising Is A Waste Of Resources

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The other forms of advertising are just companies being creative.There is no difference from supermarkets being painted bright colours to make their food seem more appetising or even people wearing make-up to improve their image.

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Other adverts try to compete on price, helping us seek out the cheapest or best value products.

In most cases advertising does not make us go shopping – we would be planning to buy food, clothes, gifts and entertainment anyway.

Adverts never criticise people - that would be terrible for the companies behind them.

Their aim is to understand and provide what people want, and so their adverts only ever reflect what people think.

This makes people too interested in material things.

People are becoming more selfish and obsessed with their possessions, and losing their values of patience, hard work, moderation and the importance of non-material things like family and friends.

People shouldn't have to have their lives attacked by a huge quantity of information they might not want.

No-one is forced to put advertising on their property - for many companies it is an important part of their income.

This harms their relationships and their personal development, which has serious effects for society as a whole.

Our society is build around the idea that companies produce things that people want, and this is what makes us prosperous.


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