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Even though that place was never even on your bucket list, a 200 Dollar ticket for travelling miles and miles altogether, makes you consider visiting that place.At times, all inclusive packages work out very well as they save you the amount of time spent on googling, researching and organising trips.

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For someone it is an opportunity to relax and abstract from everyday busy life.

For others it is interesting to observe the way people of other cultures and mentality live.

That kept me thinking, why is that everyone wants to travel? Staying connected has also improved the female travel safety which explains the huge leap in solo female travels.

As we all know, cyberspace is overflowing with the stories of those who left boring 9-5 jobs and made travel as their lifestyle.

But fortunately, those people are rather few and the majority understands how travelling is exciting and interesting.

As for me, I have always enjoyed watching all-round views from some altitudes.Though those who made it to a success is the minority, that in itself is quite inspiring for many.People look at travel as something which is capable of changing everything for them which is not quite true, though.In short by the end of introductions, half of the room had ‘Travel’ as their hobby! Or we think of travel as the life changing medicine? Increased sense of safety brought in by the connectivity & accessibility has made travel more feasible for many.For a moment, I felt like being ‘Another brick in the wall’! Initiatives such as Air Bn B helps you to check on the safety of your accommodation to a certain extent.During the initial days of my Solo Travel, I used to feel the same sense of achievement which has later on helped me both personally & professionally.I think the need for that sense of achievement is a very strong driving factor for many which make Travel a highly pursued hobby . Do you feel a lot of people around you are talking about Travel as a hobby ?The site focuses on curating articles which detail the art of transforming a tourist in to a traveler while bringing out the best that the travel world can offer I am Rohini, living in Australia.While juggling work & travel, I created Why You Wander as an initiative to help & inspire people to plan short term travel effectively.At times you find that Travel is overrated as a hobby (cliched Instagram pictures to Tourism industry promotion tactics to solo travel experiences, you find it has become tired, boring & stereotyped).Collectively, yes it is stereotyped, but individually there is a sense of achievement lying beneath it.


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