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It encompasses all aspects of health that are of interest to nursing, including promotion of health, prevention of illness, care of people of all ages during illness and recovery or towards a peaceful and dignified death1.Nursing research applies the scientific approach in an effort to gain knowledge, answer questions, or solve problems" The International Council of Nurses (ICN) prioritized the nursing research into two main categories, the health and illness and the delivery of care of services.Thus, nurses should continue striving for new enquiries and seek for answerers (Gerrish and Lacey, 2010).

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Developing nursing knowledge is one of the basic concerns of nursing research.

Nursing knowledge is constantly subjected to changes with the ongoing discoveries and updates.

Information about patients’ experience with HF provides the guidance for nurses and healthcare providers to develop an intervention plan in order to improve the patients’ experience with the syndrome and contribute in future strategies to improve the nurses objectives and outcomes for HF patients (Deaton and Grady, 2004).

The writer being a cardiac nurse working for more than 9 years with different cardiac cases, has observed the impact of HF on patients on daily basis, the burden of symptoms, readmissions and the difficulties that the patients and families are facing after being diagnosed as a HF case, while less attention was given from healthcare worker to explore these experiences and work on improving patients’ life with this chronic disease.

HF is a progressive condition resulting in poor quality of life to the patients, and irrespective to the age, around 20% of adults above the age of 40 are suspected to develop HF (Ramani et al., 2010).

Symptoms of HF are affecting the quality of life of the victims in different aspects of daily living activities.

Symptoms vary from dyspnea on exertion, orthopnea and fatigue, peripheral edema to confusion in advance stages and other symptoms according to the side of the failure, right or left (Bender et al., 2011).

Moreover, HF appears to affect the psychological wellbeing of the patients.

Thus, statistically the number of men admitted with hypertensive diseases and pulmonary edema are more than female in the age category of 45-64 years, the age which is considered the older adulthood to average retirement age according to United Nation standard international age classification 1982 (Nations, 1982).

These statistics reveal the increasing number of HF patients, and the expected increase in number in the near future.


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