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Like most dictators, he focuses on the young, represented by the pack of dogs Napoleon raises into vicious beasts, ready to harm or kill anyone who speaks out against him.

He takes others’ ideas and claims them as his own, which is why he has to rearrange history in order to claim that the windmill was his idea, not Snowball’s.

When Boxer dies, Napoleon sells his body to the glue maker.

Napoleon subsequently begins breaking every rule on the barn wall, but Squealer, his publicity spokesman, explains everything away with smooth talk.

Jones off the farm, which is subsequently renamed “Animal Farm." They develop several laws about the equality of animals and the inferiority of human practices and write them on the wall of the barn.

Snowball and Napoleon disagree on several issues, including whether Animal Farm should build a windmill to generate their own electricity, thus making them more self-sufficient.Squealer, for example, symbolizes the Russian newspaper “Pravda," which propagandized about Russian leadership, glossing over the negative aspects of Russian’s leaders and embellishing the bit of positive that existed. The pigs represent the higher class in Russia, and the nine dogs represent the NKVD, Stalin’s secret police. Old Major’s Vision Old Major had a vision of a farm where animals ruled and there were no human oppressors.Boxer and Clover, of course, represent the working class – both the dedicated workers and the apathetic ones. This is a direct match to Marx’s vision of a communist society.When Old Major’s vision, later called “Animalism," was put into practice, the pigs in charge took over and became selfish and violent, twisting the philosophy until it barely contained an echo of the original intent.The same thing happened with communism, as Stalin left much of the country penniless and helpless, and put people to death if they showed the slightest resistance to his regime.Character Symbols The most obvious examples of symbolism in are Old Major, Napoleon, and Snowball, symbolizing Marx, Stalin, and Trotsky, respectively. Jones, of course, represents the last czar of Russia, Nicholas II, who was overthrown during the Russian Revolution.The minor characters in the novel, however, symbolize more general groups of people or ideas. Pilkington, the two human neighbors of Animal Farm, represent Germany and England (or other western countries), both non-communist countries who had various dealings with Russia after the Revolution.Old Major’s Vision Old Major, an ancient boar on Mr.Jones’s Manor Farm, gathers all of the animals together to tell them of a vision that he had.Boxer Boxer, the loyal workhorse, is the most sympathetic character in .He follows whatever his superiors say, replacing his early motto of “I will work harder" with “Napoleon is always right." He does anything in his power to help Animal Farm.


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