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(Uzma Zia, 2005 Organizational Structure of the Askari Bank is well managed and structured, under the supervision of top and lower level management flows the rules and policies made by the higher level management.

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FINACLE This system provides the holistic and integrated transformation approach, complete with solutions and services Finacle solutions addresses the requirements of retail, corporate and universal banking worldwide like Core banking solution E-banking solution Mobile banking solution Wealth management CRM requirements, etc CONCLUSION The BANKING sector in India has become stronger in terms of capital and the number of customers.

It has become globally competitive and diverse aiming, at higher productivity and efficiency.


E-BANKING Enables people to carry out most of their banking transactions using a safe website which is RTGS It stands for Real time gross settlement system It is a fund transfer mechanism where transfer of money takes place from one bank to another on a real time· and on gross basis·.

There was a severe need for creation of a Central Bank so as to save the country’s banking system and maintaining stability of the government by making independent monetary policy. Most of the better facilities are only for Army personnel (high rate of return). General public are provided with low number of facilities. It lacks in computer specialist at branch level so assistance has to be taken from head. Opportunities helps the business to explore new ways, opportunities for Askari Bank are: Askari Bank has most comprehensive and extensive network around the world. Potential growth is very strong and foreighn investments is fascinated. With Increased customers satisfaction it increases ratio of deposit. Providing the customers with international standard banking. Due to low promotion of its band it can loose its market share. Due to global banking the competition rate is increased. Through operational efficiency, upgrading of new product developing well structure system of networking, Askari Bank will increase its focus on growth.

There was considerable impact on Pakistan’s banking sector due to the reforms in 1980s and 1990s. Following are the weaknesses of Askari Bank: Centralization. No trade union exist is Askari ank so no job security for employees. To increase the rate of investment acquisition and merging Merging and acquisition is the best opportunities for Askari Bank. By promoting campaigns of new services Askari Bank can increase its operations. For being the leader in the corporate world the bank must enhance its sales and marketing , improving its customer service, aim of achieving greater motivation of employees and facilitating the stakeholders with the best value.It is obvious that such shifts would have positive effects on the banking sector of Pakistan as it required advance and efficient practices. Askari will strive to maximize the value of its shares.(Patti and Hardy, 2003) Interest free banking was also introduced in the banking sector also known as Islamic banking. The enhancement in its return and capital will be ongoing process.There are mainly two types of banks: investment banks and commercial/retail banks". "Bank.") The History of banks in Pakistan was a brief one.It is said at the time of partition there were only 487 branches of banks which were located in Pakistan but this number further reduced to 195 by June 1948.(Hujat Ali Baig, 1999) After the independence there was instability in the government and uncertainty was also there for businessmen which resulted in huge losses in the banking sector and caused negative outcome for the banking sector of Pakistan.Many private banks which previously had their offices in Pakistan shifted their offices to India.INDIAN BANKING SECTOR From 1806 qualitative & quantitative changes have been taken place.With 1935 regulation RBI was proclaimed as central bank of India.Similarly, with movie streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, fewer people are purchasing movies. "Bank is a financial institution or organization registered by the state government whose main function is to receive deposits (time or demand deposits) and pay interest on them or makes loans or invests the money in market.


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