Engineer Problem Solving

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These instructions are not limited to only engineers however, as many professionals or other students can find these useful for solving problems in their respective fields.

For the purpose of this Instructable, I will walk you through the generic steps that should be taken in this process and then I will solve an engineering related problem using these steps.

The scale/ruler will help you keep your schematic drawings neat and easy for both you and your professor/boss to follow.

Once you have collected everything that you need to solve the problem, you need to read through it. Numerous young engineers have a tendency to simply scan the problem, but this poses a problem since they end up missing information that would likely make the problem simpler.

The second part of this step is to actually solve your equations, whether it is one equation or five equations simultaneously.

In some instances, your question may ask for multiple variables or it may just ask for one variable.This step is the one that most young engineers immediately jump into when trying to solve problems.However, as you have seen, this should be one of the last steps that are taken.The best thing to do for this step is read the problem thoroughly and to read it twice, making sure that you have gathered all the information.After reading through the problem two or three times, it is important for you to extract all the necessary information. This can be constraints, variables, values, or even equations that link some of the variables together.This is the most difficult step of the skill set to grow accustomed to.It takes time, practice, and patience to understand what assumptions become acceptable and what ones do not!For most problems (like the one I am working through), it is directly asked to you to find something.Make sure you write this down as you are working to ensure you do not solve something you do not need.Here is the step that everyone just wants to get to!You finally get to see your results for all of the work that you have put in.


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