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Particularly in the academic world, this is a discussion worthy of everything from brief essays to full dissertations.

Nuclear power generation does emit relatively low amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Accidents are rated based on a numbered system called the International Nuclear Events Scale, or INES.

Events range from a Level 1, which is considered an Anomaly, to a Level 7, which is a Major Accident (Rogers).

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded on April 26 when a sudden surge of power occurred during a systems test (The Chernobyl Gallery).

Thirty-one people died and countless more were affected by exposure to radioactive substances released in the disaster."Nearly 400 million people resided in territories that were contaminated with radioactivity at a level higher than 4 k Bq/m2 (0.11 Ci/km2) from April to July 1986.

During the operation of nuclear power plants, radioactive waste is produced, which in turn can be used for the production of nuclear weapons. Retrieved from Ultius | Custom Writing and Editing Services, Inc.

In addition, the same know-how used to design nuclear power plants can to a certain extent be used to build nuclear weapons (nuclear proliferation). "Sample Argumentative Essay against the Production of Nuclear Power." Ultius | Custom Writing and Editing Services.

This substance is highly radioactive and, if not disposed of properly, can leak into the environment, which subsequently can cause irreparable damage to the environment and people coming into contact with it.

The process of nuclear waste disposal is a lengthy process that can take years to mediate.


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