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Cooping them up in zoos is wrong, and holding them in captivity to force them to perform for our amusement — in other words, a key part of the Ringling Bros.business model — is in the same moral category as bear baiting.

Cooping them up in zoos is wrong, and holding them in captivity to force them to perform for our amusement — in other words, a key part of the Ringling Bros.

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The conservationist Cynthia Moss writes, “Even the bare, bleached old elephant bones will stop a group if they have not seen them before.” The title of Nicol’s essay is “Do Elephants Have Souls?

” We don’t have to answer that question to realize the special respect owed these fascinating, awe-inspiring, mysterious creatures.

The breakdown rate is fast enough to still be exciting, but it’s kind of controlled. Other videos (below) will be more exciting than this one, but this one is especially good for showing what is happening here.

Because it requires only a small number of ingredients and makes a "volcano of foam", this is a popular experiment for children to perform in school or at parties; the experiment is also known as the "marshmallow experiment", but is unrelated to the psychological Stanford marshmallow experiment.

The oxygen gushing out is what makes the soap bubbles move.

Often some food coloring is added before the catalyst, which makes the resulting column of foam that gushes out look even more like toothpaste.There's a lot of oxygen trapped in peroxide, so this rapid decomposition results in lots of oxygen that needs to quickly push out of the container.As the peroxide breaks down, the soap that was mixed in will also combine with the water (from the break down process), and turn into foam.The iodide ion from potassium iodide acts as a catalyst and speeds up the reaction while remaining chemically unchanged in the reaction process.The rate of foam formation measured in volume per time unit has a positive correlation with the peroxide concentration (v/V%), which means that the more reactants (peroxide concentration) the faster the rate of foam formation.They will kill them with poisoned pumpkins or watermelons.Then, when their bloody work is done, the tusks are fed into the greedy maw of an underworld of criminals and sundry other lowlifes who sate the appetite for ivory in China and other parts of Asia.All of this is nothing, of course, compared with the savagery of the poachers.In an eloquent jeremiad in The Atlantic, Matthew Scully flays the vast, far-flung industry devoted to ivory that begins with fear and death.They are intensely social, with bands of females staying together for life and assisting one another in giving birth and raising their young.They communicate vocally — including with sounds inaudible to humans — and seismically through the ground. The phrase “an elephant never forgets” is such a cliché that we neglect its foundation in the creature’s truly astonishing memory. In Asia, when collared by bells, they can plug the bells with mud to stealthily steal bananas.


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