Effects Of Culture Shock Essay

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Culture shock has less of an effect if you are with people around you.

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Factors Affecting Culture Shock An anthropologist, Kalervo Oberg, first coined the term culture shock in 1954 to describe the anxiety felt by individuals living in a new culture (Oberg, 1954; Oberg, 1960).

He saw culture shock as a disease, as at the time it was common to characterize any discomfort a human felt as being a malady that needed to be cured.

They travel to other countries hoping to expand both their academic knowledge and their knowledge of the world.

Adventures can be scary, however, and they can be fraught with the unexpected.

Not only does this make it easier to deal with, but you may also find certain things that you may like.

Turn the shock into a learning experience or even treat it like an adventure, because to be honest, that’s what it is!Advisors who learn to assist students with alleviating and mitigating culture shock can contribute to students’ success and their enjoyment of their time in their host country.In order to do so, advisors must understand the cultural and individual characteristics that influence a student’s experience of culture shock.Your university will have student advisors and support on campus. International students embark on a great adventure.In some cases, some cultures may have certain similarities with others.Do not shy away from your own culture as people may find an interest in things such as your hobbies, the foods you eat, the languages you speak and much more.Immediately after you come into contact with a new environment, chances are you will be hit with culture shock.This blog post will share some of my own past experiences of culture shock and offer you some suggestions on how to overcome it and adjust to life as a new university student in the UK.Some international students might become overwhelmed with adjusting to even seemingly mild cultural differences, while others may hide their discomfort and attempt to blend in, leading to continued confusion.All international students will feel culture shock at some point and to varying degrees.


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