Effective Decision Making And Problem Solving

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Problem Solving vs Decision Making Life is filled with complexities, and one of them is to know the difference between problem solving and decision making.People tend to use ‘problem solving’ and ‘decision making’ interchangeably.Problem solving is the most complex process among all the intellectual functions of a human being. It is considered a higher order of the cognitive process.

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Problem solving is more an analytical aspect of thinking. Decision making, on the other hand, is more of a judgment where, after thinking, one will take a course of action.

However, these two need a certain set of skills for each to be more effective.

To understand the differences between the two a little better, it is best to define each of them.

With the definition of each term, it will be easier for you to distinguish one from the other. It is included in the larger problem process, namely, problem finding and problem shaping.

When looking at decision making in a psychological aspect, the decision of an individual is based on his or her needs and the values that a person is looking for.

When looking at decision making in a cognitive aspect, it is a continuous process related to the interaction of the person and his or her environment.Gain confidence in assessing problems accurately, evaluating alternative solutions, and anticipating likely risks.Learn how to use analysis, synthesis, and positive inquiry to address individual and organizational problems and develop the critical thinking skills needed in today’s turbulent times.Choose and apply appropriate problem solving and decision making processes and methods 2.Identify common obstacles to effective problem solving and decision making 3.The courses in this Specialization may be taken in any order. The Specialization concludes with a Capstone project that will give you the opportunity to integrate and apply the skills you have gained throughout the courses to your individual and organizational needs.In general, the decision making process helps managers and other business professionals solve problems by examining alternative choices and deciding on the best route to take.Using case studies and situations encountered by class members, explore successful models and proven methods that are readily transferable on-the-job.Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1.UCI’s unyielding commitment to rigorous academics, cutting-edge research, and leadership and character development makes the campus a driving force for innovation and discovery that serves our local, national and global communities in many ways.This series of courses will help you build, develop and hone the essential skills needed to improve your employability and advancement in today’s dynamic workforce.


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