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I think that a lot of us can recall how she could slip her head in our doors when we would respond to a knock and yell, “Yeeoow, is anybody home? One things for sure, if there’s a Heaven, my grandmother is there!

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If you were with me, or any of her family, then you were treated like family at her dinner table.

In closure I thank God that she prayed for me, and everyone she loved, as often as she did.

The subject is the death of the Princess of Wales, the audience is the people who want to be informed of news in Britain, and the speaker is the British Broadcasting Company.

The purpose of this article is to inform the public of the death of a well-known, well-liked person.

All my life she has told me, and others, that she need not gather up her treasures here on this Earth, because as she used to say” her treasures lie on the other side.” Every one of us seated here today has had fond And as for food…I think my cousin Brandi said it best, “we are all going to lose weight now.” And she’s right; Granny would cook for a family of ten, even though she lived on her own.

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I used to wonder why she would cook so much that would sometimes go to waste.

This article is rhetorically effective because of the simplicity of how the speaker wrote the news report.

This report also elicits pathos because of the last line in the report that says “Hundreds of mourners have gathered…, and many have laid flowers at the gates.” Ethos was shown in the sentence “Prince Charles broke the news of their mother’s death to Prince William and Harry at Balmoral Castle in Scotland where the royal family has been spending the summer.” Logos is not established because the exact author of the report is unknown at this time; therefore, character cannot be established. An example of the stuffy style is “The accident happened after the princess left the Ritz Hotel…

The subject would be the general goodness of Diana and how the paparazzi/media affected Diana and her children.

However, the eulogy was not rhetorically effective because sections of it were off the topic of Diana.


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