Driver'S Daily Vehicle Inspection Report Book

Driver'S Daily Vehicle Inspection Report Book-10
The driver may rely on such inspections as proof that the inspection was conducted as required and produce the report for an officer, unless the driver has reason to believe that the inspection and report do not meet the requirements, or the driver is aware or ought to be aware that the vehicle has a defect.If the driver has doubts about the inspection and report, they should complete a new inspection of the vehicle.

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Inspections and maintenance intervals are commonly linked.

For example, an inspection is due at 30,000 km or three months, whichever occurs first.

Operators of trucks, buses and towed trailers, to which the regulations apply, are required to: To meet regulatory requirements, a maintenance and inspection program must be established by the operator and recorded in a schedule.

A program to periodically inspect and maintain vehicles can be a simple written or electronic document that sets out, for example, a stated time period and/or distance when a vehicle requires its next inspection and/or maintenance activity.

It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure that: Commercial motor vehicles are subject to a number of inspections and record-keeping requirements.

The next sections of this module outline the requirements, frequency and record-keeping for the following: Purpose The purpose of the daily vehicle inspection is to ensure that problems and defects have been identified before the vehicle is operated on the highway.

To get a complete picture of compliance requirements, you should obtain the complete guide.

If you intend to use certain parts of this guide only (for example, Module 1, "Getting Started”) it is recommended that you also obtain the modules "Introduction” and "Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration.” This is a guide only and is not meant to be a substitute for the relevant statutes and regulations.

Inspections prevent the operation of a vehicle with problems that are likely to cause or contribute to the severity of an accident.

Drivers are not permitted to operate a commercial motor vehicle or bus, or tow a trailer unless the driver or another person has conducted an inspection of the vehicle(s) within the previous 24 hours.


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