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You can investigate this question through a practical experiment. Is the probability that a truthful student is accused the same as the probability that an accused student is telling the truth? You will need a 6-sided die, and some red, blue, green and yellow multi-link cubes.

When I got back inside, my homework was chewed up on the floor and the Devil Dog was hiding under the sofa. My real story about how my dog actually did eat my homework.

Everybody thinks that when your dog eats your homework you are for sure lying, and you just didn’t get it done, but what if your dog actually eats your homework? After that, my brother wanted to play hoops in the driveway and he never wants me to play with him, so I did.

On Wednesday (March 11), the appellate court heard submissions on his application for a gag order to prohibit the media and the public from discussing the merit of his criminal cases; his application for the recovery of documents and statements; withdrawal of certificate of transfer and his challenge on the appointment of lawyer Datuk Sulaiman Abdullah as the lead prosecutor in his seven charges pertaining to SRC International.

The hearing later continued with co-counsel Harvinderjit Singh's submissions after Muhammad Shafee left the court.

Basically, this is any child character explaining to his teacher why he hasn't done his homework.

This will be either a lie, which may or may not be believed, or a Cassandra Truth.A certain teacher, Mr L I Detector, claims he can tell when students are lying about their homework. Unfortunately, he also accuses some students who are telling the truth. So what is the probability of a truthful student being accused?So what are the chances that someone who is accused is actually telling the truth? What proportion of accused students are telling the truth?The red and blue cubes represent whether a student is telling the truth or lying. The yellow and green cubes represent whether Mr L I Detector accuses a student or not. Justices Rhodzariah Bujang and Lau Bee Lan also sat on the panel.The Court of Appeal was scheduled to hear four appeals by Najib related to his SRC International case.Attorney General Tommy Thomas stood up to object the postponement.He said his office was under public pressure for Najib's trial to begin as soon as possible."In fact, there is a global pressure on us for the trial to start.I understand the counsel has a problem but on the other hand, we are under scrutiny why the trial hasn't begun," Thomas said.


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