Dissertation On Customer Satisfaction In Banks

Dissertation On Customer Satisfaction In Banks-8
BPR is now extended countrywide but five BPR branches are subjects in this research.They are based in urban area Kigali town where competition is too tough.

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Statement of the problem Despite the efforts provided by BPR to improve its service, there is still evidence of challenges on quality of the service which leads to customer satisfaction once played down by maintaining customers who are loyal to the bank and who can positively recommend it to associates.

Anderson, Fornell, and Lehmann stated that global perceptions of service quality exert a strong influence on global perceptions of customer satisfaction with the firm that finally is made by customer loyalty and positive word of mouth communication.

Service quality; Customer satisfaction; Bank Background of the study Nowadays, the incredible growth of the globalization and especially liberalization of banking services, are changing the way banks conduct business with customers who are increasingly expecting higher quality of services, becoming time saver and wanting more conveniences.

However, due to services intangibility, inseparability, heterogeneity and perishability of production and consumption, service quality becomes hard to evaluate.

The foremost findings were: first, customer service seen was ranked as the worst in the region; secondly, there is relationship between service quality; staff skills and lack of competition.

These are areas where more improvement is needed (IPAR, 2009).It went ahead to revealed that both the level of service quality and customer satisfaction was at mean ≈3 (high level).The findings from PLCC showed a significant and positive relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction while comparing dimension like customer loyalty with reliability, responsiveness and assurance.The matter has been evaluated particularly in terms of commercial banking sector where competition has knocked at the door as mentioned before.Based on the discussion above, the aim of this study is to examine how service quality would impact so to improve the level of satisfaction of BPR customers.We can no longer accept a culture of mediocrity either from Rwandan business and government institutions that give poor services, or Rwandan customers who quietly accept substandard ‘customer care’, if I can call it that” (Ibidem).For BPR organization under study, shifted in 2008 from a cooperative bank to be a commercial bank.To take this issue seriously, the government policy focused on by prioritizing it with particular importance.As said by the President of the Republic in his speech starting the year 2009, “Customer service remains highly problematic in private, public and civil society domains, something that is most certainly going to preoccupy us in the coming days, months and years.Among issues that are facing BPR, there are: (1) long queuing lines ahead of BPR tellers; (2) it takes days to get transfers matured (e.g., salaries, etc., from other banks) deposited on customers’ accounts, consequently many customers’ complaints; (3) Some branches are still using bank books; means money can only be withdrawn by the account owner, yet the practice of using cheques and ATM is only for few branches.On the other hand, more efforts have been put in place.


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