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If you know you won’t be jumping, going fast, or pushing the limits and just want a leisurely ride, then an ATV is a much better option.In my opinion, one of the most fun parts about off-roading is taking the little trails all over the mountains and out into areas that would be difficult or impossible to reach without an off-road vehicle.

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Not only is the outside temperature already cold, but you have the wind blowing against you making it even more bitter.

Let’s take a look at some lightly used dirt bikes and ATVs and see what the price differences are: Those are just a few examples, but suffice it to say that you’ll spend more money on buying an ATV.

Many of those tracks in Idaho are single-track, meaning the trail is only as wide as a deer trail.

This means that quads can’t ride on all of the tracks that a dirt bike can.

If you hop on an ATV with 5 minutes of instruction and just want to go for a ride, you’ll do just fine.

On a dirt bike, you’ll need more instruction and it’ll take you a few days before you really feel like you can comfortably ride without thinking about the bike.

When junior is 10 year-old and needs a new ATV, parents too commonly just buy a full-size ATV so they won’t have to spend another ,000 on another one when he outgrows it.

If you do choose ATVs and you have kids, NEVER let them ride an ATV that is improperly sized for them. I wrote a full post on dirt bike safety that explains much more on this topic and has some intriguing statistics.

The center of gravity of an ATV is too high, and it causes rollovers.

Riders on dirt bikes break bones and are injured frequently.


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