Definition Of Business Planning

Determined, Alejandro starts by searching the internet for the term how to write a business plan.

He finds some results which begin his thought process.

Alejandro picks up a few books from his local bookstore and begins his journey.

To start the business plan format, Alejandro starts by writing his executive summary. Alejandro then learns from his research that to write the executive summary after the rest of the business plan.

See Also: Value Drivers: Building Reliable Systems to Sustain the Growth of the Business Business Cycle Business Intelligence and Finance Make-or-Buy Business Decision Acquisition Capital Marketing Plan The business plan definition is the plan of action for business operations which has the goal of creating and growing sustainable profits. A business plan has 3 main purposes: forming a strategic plan for future business initiatives, serving as a retrospective measure of the success of the business and it’s plans for expansion, and an explanation of the business for the purpose of raising capital.

Business plans can vary greatly depending on creator, industry, operations, needs, phase in the business cycle, and more.

These plans begin by following boilerplate sections and explanations. In a similar fashion, a retail e-commerce store will even have a different business plan from a brick-and-mortar retail store.

The factors of success, operations, marketing, risk, and measurement dictate this.

Then, Alejandro assembles industry statistics and information for his industry analysis section of the business plan. chapter and prepares to begin the mentoring process.

He will need to summarize these into a section which serves his purposes. In conclusion, Alejandro knows that he has a lot to learn.


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