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As she gazes into it, “she blushed at herself, and seeing her reflection blush, blushed the more.” (6) Even while she is alone and seemingly unnoticed, she is arrogant. Her timidness while taking out the mirror demonstrates how mild this problem was initially.In its earliest stages, Bathsheba’s self-appreciation is simply a personal flaw. At this point, she is only concerned with her own beauty, and she doesn’t realize the potential effects it has on those around her. When the vanity is suddenly targeted at others, it is no longer a personal matter.Hardy use of foreshadowing reveals that the vanity will indeed spread and become dangerous.

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This name was previously created in 1979, where on 14 April, Easter Saturday, a demonstration was held against the statements of Bishop Gaines on homosexuality.

That demonstration fell in Holy Week, in which Catholics celebrate Holy Thursday and good Friday and that is the day is also called the Pink Saturday.

But, because she is arrogant, she ignores the experienced laborers and scolds them for not following her directions.

Noticing her vanity, one of the laborers points out that Bathsheba is “a headstrong maid- that’s what she is- and won’t listen to any advice at all.” (16) He also warns against her temperament by relating that “pride and vanity have ruined many a cobbler’s dog.” (16) This laborer’s description accurately portrays Bathsheba’s stubbornness.

Today, both events have both a political and a festive sides.

Gay Pride is in principle held annually on the last Saturday of June.

Gabriel Oak, a humble bailiff and suitor of Bathsheba, is the only one who sees through her mask of arrogance.

Throughout the novel, he represents the only alternative to her demise.

The term Pink Saturday is then retrieved for the last Saturday of June, for the first time on 30 June 1979, almost exactly 10 years after the Stonewall riots took place.

The Pride March was first called Gay Pride, then Lesbian & Gay Pride, then LGBT Pride (at each time claiming the rights of an additional community) to finally call themselves the Pride or the Pride March.


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