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Now often when I meet people they say, “It’s nice to meet you,” and I think, Oh we’ve met before. But, when I met Hugh, it was what I call a “clean meet.” I met him and wrote about him.What was more likely to happen is that I would meet someone and they would just show up in my journal much later. Sedaris: David and I met after he heard me on the radio. He told me he once had a boyfriend who could also sing like Billie Holiday and we talked.It follows him writing, hungover in IHOPs in Chicago and New York, and obsessing over the cost of groceries.

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And this observational quality is on full display in a book that is mundane in its concerns but hilarious in its insight.So I try, because no one goes to a reading thinking, I hope the author makes me feel terrible about myself tonight. I’m friends with a lot of writers and so many of them say how much they hate signings and how they leave after a certain period of time. I never look down the line to see how many more people are left.But what is so hard about sitting there while people tell you how much they love you? And I always try to make people talk about something besides whatever they planned to say.But being on Morning Edition gave me an audience of over twelve million people.But then when Little, Brown called and asked if I had a book, I could say, “Yes, I have a book right here.” Then the New Yorker called and I said, “Of course! Like you can just write a book or a story and suddenly find success. Rumpus: I hope Ira Glass doesn’t hold it over your head though.Eventually, I asked him to direct a show I was working on. What they would do is give you just an enormous pot of coffee and I would just sit there and write and drink. I have over one hundred and fifty six volumes of my diary and I guarantee you that if you read them, you’d stop and never come back. I often read diary entries at readings and if the audience responded well, I put them in a document called, “Diary That Works.” So, when we were working on this book, that was what I initially used as the text. So the book was nothing like I initially envisioned.And we were friends from there, but he heard me on the radio first. And I wouldn’t go during a rush time and take up a table. But my editor told me to go back and balance it out with some of the darker moments. But I had to create something worth turning the page for.Reading David Sedaris’s Theft By Finding is like reading the liner notes for all your favorite essays.A collection of diary entries, written from 1977 to 2002, the book begins with Sedaris hitchhiking across the country, working as a house painter, doing drugs, and making highly suspicious sounding art.Sedaris: I remember what it’s like to be in the audience.I would go to book signings and I remember how it felt to stand in line.


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