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Though, I should mention that there are nearly 200 Issue prompts on the site.Before you despair, keep in mind that some of these prompts are very similar and by practicing an essay prompt or two from each of the buckets below, you’ll prepare yourself for test day. You might get lucky, the Issue prompt you get test day being one that you already wrote a mock essay for.

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Reason: A leader’s main goal should be to promote innovation and change.”“There is a school of thought that says that the most experienced workers should be promoted to management.

However, some businesses prefer to select manages based on their perceived leadership skills, regardless of how much experience they have.”“Many nations have leaders who prioritize economic development and stability over environmental concerns.

However, others argue that deliberate, well-planned research with specific goals is the only way to ensure technological advancement.”“It is highly unlikely that there will ever be manned space travel beyond the earth’s moon.”(I know this is a pretty random bucket – but it’s what ETS decrees)“The quality of life in a city cannot be very good unless the city itself is well-planned.”“Claim: There should be laws against farming crops and livestock in the central districts of large cities.

Reason: The pollution typically found in highly urban areas damages food crops and farm animals, causing them to produce contaminated or substandard food.”“Cities offer safer, more economically secure living in comparison to less developed areas outside of cities.”“A private company should not have the right to do business in a city if the majority of the city’s residents object to the private company’s business operations.”“In order to minimize traffic congestion, cities must regulate parking, placing limits on where motorists can park, and how long a vehicle may remain parked in one place.”“Color photography has eliminated the need for realism in artistic painting, in the opinion of a number of art scholars and artists.

So how do you find official ETS essays in the categories you need to work on? After all, ETS’s GRE AWA Issue Topic Pool does not organize its essays into categories.

Current Topics For Essay Writing 2013 What Is Argumentative Essay

This is where the good old fashioned “control-f” function comes in handy. Hit the control button and the f button at the same time on a PC, or hit command f on a Mac.

Remember, the prompts you see below are original Magoosh examples, not the real thing.

The Issue Essay you will see test day will be drawn from that ETS question bank.

Instead, the most successful people are the ones that are constantly seeking out opportunities.”“It’s not possible for someone to effectively care for others unless they are taking good care of themselves.”“Self-criticism is more usually more valuable and accurate than criticism that comes from others.”“The most fulfilling friendships are friendships between people who share a common goal or space, such as co-workers, classmates, or neighbors.”“Claim: Happiness comes through seeking out new and different experiences.

Reason: People have a natural desire to learn and explore.”There are a few more “buckets”, but the seven categories above cover about 95% of the spectrum.


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