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His mother died when he was 10 years old and his lawyer father allowed Lewis and his brother Warren extensive freedom.

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Lewis, having lived a long life of bachelorhood, suddenly realized the extent to which he had come to love this woman, and they married again in her hospital room, this time with church rites. Ransom, who is on a planet that definitely is not Earth. is the sixth novel in the Chronicles of Narnia series, penned in the early 1950s by acclaimed British author and literary scholar C.

Joy miraculously recovered, and she and Lewis traveled to Ireland and Greece. Lewis narrates the book and spends most of the story defending...

She was a writer herself, and, in 1952, on a holiday in England, Joy met with Lewis and Warren over lunch.

Lewis and Joy became good friends, and the following year, after her husband abandoned her for another woman, Joy divorced him and moved to England with her two sons, David and Douglas.

With his newfound take on Christianity, he began writing prose, addressing various issues related to religious faith. Tolkien, a professor of Anglo-Saxon History at Oxford and author of (1956).

Throughout the 1940s, Lewis's popularity as a literary critic and theologian grew, and as his stature increased he surprised many by embarking on the fictional fantasy series . Lewis was besieged by fan letters, especially from children, and saw it as his duty to answer each of them personally.He is probably best known for his books for young adults, such as his Chronicles of Narnia series.This fantasy series, as well as such works as The Screwtape Letters (a collection of letters written by the devil), is typical of the author's interest in mixing religion and mythology, evident in both his fictional works and nonfiction articles. Warren, or "Warnie," was Lewis's older brother, and the two were very close. Lewis, or "Jack," as he was known to friends and family, was born Clive Staples Lewis on November 29, 1898, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Albert and Flora Lewis brought up their two sons in a Protestant household.While Lewis developed a reputation as a rigorous teacher, he started a prodigious writing career that began with several published books of poems.In 1929, however, his father died; this was also the year when Lewis states he began to believe in God again.He explicitly intended the books to be read by children but hoped to maintain their adult appeal by filling them with sophisticated philosophical, religious, and intellectual ideas. In the 1940s, Lewis struck up a correspondence with a Jewish-American woman from New York named Joy Davidman Gresham.Gresham had converted to Christianity and had written him for counsel.She continued to write, relying on Lewis's friendship and financial support, particularly concerning the education of her sons.In 1955, Lewis was awarded a professorship at Cambridge University, which gave him more free time to write. Lewis was a British novelist born on November 29, 1898 in Belfast, Ireland.


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