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But another type of earphone is available that fits in the ear so you don't have to hold it.It is also more sensitive than the telephone handset.Those are meant to be driven by a signal loud enough to drive a speaker, and are not sensitive at all.

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We do this by putting a resistor or a coil in parallel with the earphone (parallel means that the resistor or coil is attached to the same two places that the earphone wires are attached).Our piezoelectric earphone is made of a disk of brass that is coated with barium titanate ceramic.When electricity is connected to it, the ceramic bends the brass disk, and we can hear the vibrations this causes in the air.The detector we will use first is a Germanium diode.The diode we want is called a 1N34A by the people who name diodes.Some crystals such as quartz, and Rochelle's Salt are piezoelectric.Some ceramics (such as those made with barium titanate) are also piezoelectric.This diode has some properties that make it particularly suited to our purpose, namely that it works at lower voltage levels than most other common diodes.Since the voltage in our radio comes from weak little radio waves, we need all the help we can get.You will hear a sharp click as electrons move from one wire to the other.If the earphone came with a jack on the end instead of two bare wires, you will need a piece of metal such as a spoon to connect the two metal parts of the jack.


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