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While they never lose their optimism, they expend all of their energy in pursuit of a goal that moves further and further away.

This metaphor characterises both Gatsby and the American Dream itself, and as Gatsby is still beating on against the current, we find Daisy having moved on from their 1917 affair in Louisville, which ultimately brings about the deterioration of their relationship.

When his dream — and his relationship with Daisy — crumbles, all that is left for him to do is die, his life is meaningless, which helps the reader to understand the theme of the American Dream.

Without the materialism of 1920’s Americans — often embodied by Daisy — the dream itself, would die.

Nick compares the green bulk of America rising from the ocean to the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock.

Just as Americans have given America meaning through their dreams for their own lives, Gatsby instils Daisy with a kind of idealised perfection which she neither deserves nor possesses.

follows the journey of Jay Gatsby as he yearns to once again capture the heart of his long lost love, Daisy Buchanan.

Having sacrificed five years of his life in the aim of winning Daisy back, it is clear from the outset that Gatsby is a hopeless romantic, which ultimately leads to the deterioration of his relationship with Daisy and tragically leads to his demise.

It had gone beyond her, beyond everything.”Fitzgerald leaves no doubt in the reader’s mind that this disappointment is not the fault of Daisy, but rather the inevitable shattering of Gatsby’s ‘illusion’.

In the final, short, repetitive sentence above we understand that Gatsby’s dream will never be realised, even if he himself does not.


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