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However, conversations about what you would like while still alive may be just beginning.To help you get started, the IHI Open School and The Conversation Project created a free, 4-lesson online course.

However, conversations about what you would like while still alive may be just beginning.To help you get started, the IHI Open School and The Conversation Project created a free, 4-lesson online course.

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The details had all been discussed over the last days, as family and friends prepared for the inevitable.

As an intensive care unit nurse, I soon realized that a simple death was a gift; not everyone would have an opportunity to be together with family, talking and sharing stories, often mending fences and sharing prayers.

Family and friends are instructed about burial sites, clothing choices, and even music for the services.

These plans seem to help everyone feel that their loved one’s wishes are intact.

People have concerns beyond simply prolonging their lives. Kathleen Ahern Gould, Ph D, RN Editor in Chief Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing Adjunct Faculty William F.

Professional and lay publications and presentations commonly tell us that patients with terminal illness find that their top priorities include, to avoiding suffering, being with family, having the touch of others, being mentally aware, and not becoming a burden to others. ” Joe was able to talk to his family, be cared for in a setting of his choice, and determine when medical intervention should transition to palliative care.

, the one that allows us and the people we care about to talk about the last stage of life, while being firmly grounded in today.

It’s not easy to talk about how you want the end of your life to be, even more difficult, to ask others.

Each person is their own best expert on what he/she wants and needs.

Medical and legal people may become a part of the discussion later, but it should begin with you.


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