Critical Thinking In Nursing Articles

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In the authors' program, the traditional linear format nursing care plan used in the first five semesters was found not to meet the needs of sixth-semester nursing students.

These students need to be able to quickly conceptualize the plan of care in a functional format as they graduate and enter the practice arena, where they will be expected to care for multiple patients simultaneously and to rapidly use the nursing process to develop a nursing plan of care based upon priority needs of these patients.

Both groups showed significant improvement in overall and all subscales of the California CT skill test from pretest to posttest (P How to cite this article: Aein F, Aliakbari F.

Effectiveness of concept mapping and traditional linear nursing care plans on critical thinking skills in clinical pediatric nursing course.

in Iran, it can be stated that although CT is important in clinical judgments and decisions but during the training period, have had no significant development therefore the traditional education system needs evolution and revision in order to realize training purposes in line with fostering creative and efficient students.

With regard to the need for finding best way to promote nursing students' CT and the limited evidence of comparing concept mapping with traditional nursing care plan in clinical setting, this study was performed to compare the effect of concept mapping with traditional nursing care plan on nursing students' CT in clinical pediatric course.Because students were not able to have prior contact with their patients, they began developing their nursing care plans on the 1 day of their clinical experience.They were asked to create a nursing care plan for a child they were caring for, which required gathering information on complete patient histories, relevant medications, treatments and medical diagnoses.Yeh and Chen Possible explanations for the findings of these studies may stem from several factors, such as measurement error, instrumentation, the curriculum and various definition of CT adopted by the studies.On the other hand, some studies indicate that CT skill of nursing students in different countries had been different.When new concepts are integrated by identifying relationships with concepts already possessed, learning becomes meaningful.Hence, concept maps provide a format to visualize physiological, pathological, and psychological relationships and interactions in a concrete fashion.This paper compares the effectiveness of concept mapping and traditional linear nursing care planning on students' CT.Methods: An experimental design was used to examine the CT of 60 baccalaureate students who participated in pediatric clinical nursing course in the Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences, Shahrekord, Iran in 2013.which focuses on the multifaceted aspects of a patient, their family, and the environment.Nurses and nursing students must develop and write nursing care plans to provide and organize nursing interventions based upon identified patients' needs.


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