Critical Thinking Icebreakers

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In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing 45 minutes to complete this module.Aims:• To consider the importance of momentum when innovating.• To look at what builds momentum behind a project or idea, and what saps energy from a project or idea.Charities representing those who suffer from epilepsy say they have asked people suffering from epilepsy and concluded that the word brainstorming does not cause concern.

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Typically, we provide each team with the following:• 20 'pick-up' sticks.• 3 pairs of scissors.• 4 rulers.• 6 sheets of A3 card (or 12 sheets of A4 card).• A ball of string.• A roll of sticky tape.

You can vary the materials you provide in any way you wish - the important thing is that each team must have exactly the same materials to work with (including the same number of pairs of scissors etc).

Aims:• To identify specific actions that will enable groups to achieve a shared vision.• To help individuals see how they will contribute to the achievement of a shared vision.

Group Size: This module is suitable for use with most workshop/courses but is not recommended for use where the group has more than 25 participants (e.g., conferences). It is particularly well suited to new teams formed for a fixed period to manage/implement a project.

Group Size: This module is suitable for use with groups of any size. You'll Need: For this exercise you'll need to be able to split your participants into 2 teams, each with a different room to work in.

Critical Thinking Icebreakers

You'll also need to gather a set of 'building materials' for each team.Engineers love having the chance to build something and even their colleagues in support functions are accustomed to working with colleagues to troubleshoot issues.Dividing the group into as many teams as possible, (even teams of 2 work well), creates a great sense of competition.You'll also need a toy car for each team (each should be the same size and weight).Choose a car that is 'Dinky' sized, rather than 'Matchbox' sized. ) For those of you who don't, we mean a car that is not too small - aim for something about six or seven inches long and weighing about 1lb (500 gram). Notes: For very large groups (20 or more participants) you’ll need more than 2 teams.Time: The exercise in this module can be complete within 45 minutes.In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing 75 minutes to complete the module.There is a little bit of preparation needed for this one, so make sure that you are able to access the additional resources outlined on the Trainers' Library website before you think about running this one.Time: The exercise in this module will take about 10 minutes to complete.In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing 20 minutes to complete this module. Group Size: This module is suitable for use with groups of up to 25 participants. You'll Need: Nothing other than the materials provided.Notes: You may come across participants who question the use of the word brainstorming, and suggest it is offensive to people who suffer epilepsy.


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