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Once a unit is finished, the teacher moves to the next unit.

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Students develop deeper understanding when they have time to struggle. It is not an option, because students are spoon fed the correct answer, rather than asking students to create, collaborate, think critically, analyze, write, and explore. “In a productive struggle, students grapple with the issues and are able to come up with a solution themselves, developing persistence and resilience in pursuing and attaining the learning goal or understanding” (Allen, 2012, A Conversation with Author and Educator Robyn Jackson).In the absence of reflection, it is unlikely that a classroom, how will students make meaning out of their experiences?Clements highlights 35 Questions For Student Reflection.Accountable Talk provides a structured format for students, so all students know how to engage in the conversation and how to ask their partner thought-provoking questions.Accountable Talk is a method of inquiry that sharpens students’ thinking by reinforcing their ability to reflect and think critically.For more resources on Accountable Talk, visit The Institute For Learning.Grant Wiggins and Jay Mc Tighe highlighted the importance of essential questions in their books on curriculum design.When students learn to answer essential questions, they will become more valuable to the workforce.What essential questions will be explored at your school this year?Transfer means that a learner can draw upon and apply from all of what was learned, as the situation warrants, not just do one move at a time in response to a prompt.” “Teachers in thinking classrooms understand how to use concepts to integrate student thinking at a deeper level of understanding – a level where knowledge can be transferred to other situations and times” (Erickson, 2007, p. How can teacher teams design curriculum and instruction that create ‘thinking classrooms’?Skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and applying academic knowledge are in high demand, even for students who graduate from high school and enter the workforce without a college degree.


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