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In an effort to teach these processes, educators of health science students have looked to the concept of critical thinking. But what does it mean to “think critically” Despite some attempts to clarify and define critical thinking in health science education and in other fields, it remains a “complex and controversial notion that is difficult to define and, consequently, difficult to study” (Abrami et al., 2008, p. This selected review offers a roadmap of the various understandings of critical thinking currently in circulation. Critical thinking in social care and social work: Searching student assignments for the evidence.

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The role of certainty, confidence, and critical thinking in the diagnostic process: Good luck or good thinking?

Critical thinking: A statement of expert consensus for purposes of educational assessment and instruction (Research Report).

Beyond cultural competence: Critical consciousness, social justice, and multicultural education.

Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 35, 45-54. A., Edell, V., Butell, S., Doughty, J., & Langford, C. Critical thinking and clinical competence: A study of their relationship in BSN seniors.

Critical thinking, nurse education and universities: Some thoughts on current issues and implications for nursing practice.

Does service-learning increase cultural competency, critical thinking, and civic engagement? __data/assets/pdf_file /0003/1922502/Critical- Thinking-What-it-is-and- [26] Fischer, S. _for_Army_Officers._Volume_ 2_A_Model_of_Critical _Thinking [30] Frenk, J., Chen, L., Bhutta, Z. US Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Science. Assessment of critical thinking ability in medical students. Foreword: Critical thinking as a political project. Historically, health science education has focused on content knowledge. The search-inference framework: A proposed strategy for novice clinical problem solving. However, there has been increasing recognition that education must focus more on the thinking processes required of future health professionals. The reflective judgment model: Transforming assumptions about knowing. Knox (Ed.), Fostering critical reflection in adulthood (pp. Critical thinking and the “trivial pursuit” theory of knowledge. The Journal of Baccelaureate Social Work, 16, 33-45.


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