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I’m also in the process of writing a book on accessible web design (, to share what I’ve learned over the past several years.

For a long time, it was so difficult for me to come up with web development accomplishments that I was proud of, because I was always looking at code that I wrote in the past and saw all the things that were bad about it with my 20/20 hindsight.

I’ve worked with major universities across the Southeast US, including Clemson University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and award-winning work for the University of Kentucky (https://

Beyond front-end coding chops, I’m also passionate about writing and sharing what I’ve learned both with my teammates and the broader web community.

I’m still planning it – but being someone who has a plan to write a book still sets you apart from others). Did you save your company a bunch of money some how?

For you, I recommend spending some time thinking about the accomplishments that make you the most proud. Try to think from a business perspective rather than from a strictly coding perspective.Some people seem to think you can skip the cover letter on job applications.I think they see it as extra work that holds them back from applying for more jobs. If a company is asking for a cover letter, that is your chance to wow them with how unique and wonderful you are.Who is going to have the biggest impact on your team? I posted some articles on my blog that I had initially written for an internal best practices site, so the writing could be public.Who will have the biggest impact on the bottom line? And I decided to write a book (I haven’t actually written the book.Let’s talk about how I could put my eye for detail, practice of web standards and communication skills to work for $ and friends. I’ve gone through paragraph by paragraph explaining what I’m trying to communicate in the letter and I’ve included ideas that may help you brainstorm your own amazing creative cover letter.For my greeting, I wanted them to know I was writing a cover letter specifically for their team, so I always included the company name.And the more I thought about it, I realized that being motivated and able to identify ways for a team to improve was a Really Valuable Attribute to bring to a new company.If you had the choice between hiring a rock star developer that is really good but keeps to herself, or a person who will help improve himself and everyone around him, who would you hire?Yes, you can be really creative with your resume too.But if they are giving you the opportunity to send a cover letter, why not take advantage of it?


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